30 Paintings in 30 Days Painting Challenge

Why? Because it will get you back into your painting habit after a break and because it is fun. Your painting and composition skills will certainly improve.  Posting your intention to take on this Challenge on Social Media of your choice will make it more likely that you will keep going and not weasel out on your creative self just because...

How? Pick subjects that are close at hand in your home and garden.  Your pets are fair game as well as anything that can be painted from life rather than from a photo - this is a plein air painting  after all!  Paint small panels of any size - keeping the bar low on size makes it more likely that you will keep going and won't be intimidated by having to fill all that canvas each day. 

Post your results on your FaceBook, Google+ or other Social Media Pages

Here are my own  30 paintings in 30 days with comments and photos.  I found it a very good process to get me back into a regular painting habit after a long dry spell of doing very little painting due to life's challenges.

January 1, 2015 - Painting #1 of my personal 30 day Painting Challenge - one new painting each day for 30 days!  A bowl of persimmon fruit in the morning light.  I set up my easel in the kitchen, had my morning coffee and did this small painting.  Randi in San Jose, California is now the proud owner of this original - Thanks Randi!  Happy New Year and keep the paint brushes wet!

January 2 - Day #2 - I just made it with a wild and crazy 8 x 10 - lots of juicy paint and fun to do:) I played some rock music to get my brush moving.   A bunch of flowers in a vase.  This one now has a home with her new owner in Washington State.  Thank you Kathleen for making a home for this little baby! 

January 3 - Painting #3  - Felt a bit flat today and it shows up in the work - amazing how art is a mirror of how we feel - That's why it's such good therapy... I'm showing each day's paintings whether they are good, bad or just plain ugly:) Never mind - we do them anyway. I went outside into my garden and found a fern that was just about alive - not much out there on January 3.  This painting made me realize how important it is to feel inspired by our subject.  Obviously I wasn't feeling the love for this one - poor little thing!

Day 4 - Up at the crack of dawn - and saw an amazing sunrise outside my kitchen window - so here it is - in paint! #4 of my 30 day series - Enjoy:) Listened to jazz and had a cup of Kona coffee while painting...

Day 5 - Painting #5 of my 30 day Painting a Day challenge for January - this is of my Maine Coon Cat, Maya, sleeping on the cream leather chair...A willing and patient model - Thanks Maya!

 Day 6 - Painting #6 - Fort Ord Dunes State Park in Seaside, California - A glorious day was had by all:)  Met others from my art group to plein air paint on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean - no wind for a change.  Fabulous and its January 6!

Days 7 thru 30 still to come - building this page is in process so stay tuned.

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