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Plein Air Musings, Issue 4 - Art Marketing for Newbies
June 25, 2014
Hi Fabulous Painters!

Art Marketing for Plein Air Painters

Summer is a very busy time of year for most of us who paint "en plein air". Great weather beckons us to be out in the landscape painting as often as possible; plein air events and art shows of various kinds need a lot of work if we are showing our annual production of paintings - finishing, signing, glazing, framing paintings - then doing our marketing to get people to attend our events, not to mention the art show display for the actual event....It all requires organization and thinking things through carefully. And we get to do it all because we love the whole process from start to finish (we tell ourselves). It is easy to get overwhelmed however.

I have been painting and showing, selling my art for about 20 years now and have made some adjustments along the way as I learn what works for me and what I am willing to do. Number 1 requirement - It all needs to be fun - and it needs to fit in with our life as it is unfolding right now. We need to be careful about over-commitment to too many shows or events as it can become a grind and seriously cut into our painting time.

Engaging with our local community is a good - friends and neighbors want to see what we are working on over time and will usually attend an event such as an Open Studio or Art in the Garden event. As the event is at our studio/home it is easy to enjoy and manage without having to travel and set up our art booth far from home. If you are new to the art game we recommend having one or two Open Studio events each year to get the word out there. To build your email list for future events, have a raffle of one of your paintings - they need to give you their email address for this of course. Also post on FaceBook or other Social Media to get the word out there too. Part of the circle of creation game requires that we put our creations out into the world from time to time so others can be inspired and in the process, re-energize us to keep on painting! Keep the brush wet and get those paintings out into the world! You will be glad you did.

Suzanne Elliott Publisher/Editor of

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