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Plein Air and Technology
August 14, 2019
Hi Fabulous Painters!

Plein Air and Smart Phones

Hello Everyone – A rare Newsletter from me that you signed up for a while ago. I can’t be accused of sending them out too frequently! Mainly because my life has been busy with good things recently so have been spending less time on newsletters.

My theme this issue is how our increasing use of technology is affecting our attention span as it relates to our creative work and our ability to focus. I find this slow erosion of focused time to be detrimental in many ways because it is so addictive by its’ nature. Constant checking of our phones – data says that we check them 80 times per day on average, and the separation anxiety we feel when not able to get our fix is real! There are many ways we can help ourselves to cut back on this waste of time and focus. Painting out in nature as we do gives us the ability to let go of our phones during that time. Sometimes it is because we are painting in areas with no service and thus are forced to do without. At the very least we can turn off the sound of income calls and texts or other notifications while we paint. Our phones are a valuable tool for so many things but need to be kept as tools not masters of our behavior. I am personally guilty of over checking my phone at times. Being conscious that it is an issue is a good start. Changing habitual behavior isn’t easy and is easiest done one small step at a time. I recently traveled to Louisiana to paint there – 26th State in My Quest to Paint all 50 States. My travelog for the trip is now available at

Keeping it short this time as I want to get this out to you today.

Keep painting and getting all the joy you can from the process of painting out in the landscape wherever you find yourself.

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