Sharks Fin Cove - Monthly Paintings

July 2017

It as been three years since my last series of monthly paintings.  These paintings attempt to capture the changing seasons and moods of one place.  Idealy the choosen location needed be close to where I live.  I have therefore choosen a unique place 18 minutes drive from my studio.  It is called Shark's Fin Cove in the small ocean side village of Davenport on the California coast just North of Santa Cruz.  The name of this place comes from the rugged chunk of cliff that has been eroded away from the main cliff  and resembles a shark's fin.    There is a secluded and difficult to reach beach there too to add to the attraction. There is a trail that follows the bluff above the beach.  I can paint up on the bluff at a variety of locations, times of day and in different weather as the year progresses.  As this area is prone to dangerous waves, painting up on the bluff will be the safest option for me.   

Above is painting #1 of this series done on July 31st at 2.30 pm.  It was a beautiful day with a slight breeze and no fog.  Both rare occurances on this area of the coast.  Inland it was scorching hot in the 90sF.  It was a relief to get out of the heat and next to the ocean.  Lots of beach goers braved the steep trail that goes from the bluff down to the beach below.  Only the able bodied should attempt the hike down to this beach!

I painted with my fellow artist and friend Skip Andreae.  Towards the end of the painting session we met two other women artists.  One from Southern California and the other from Washington State.  My dog Petey was also along for the outing.  He enjoys it and sits or sleeps on his mat near my easel as I paint.  He has learned the routine by now and makes a most satisfactory painting companion.  After a couple of hours of painting we went to the Whale City Cafe just up the road for a cup of tea.  A great afternoon!  See you next month.

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