Art Marketing - Planning your Art Business for the next 12 Months– Part 1

Art Marketing - In any business, planning is one of the first steps to actually getting things accomplished. Much as we would like to believe that our fabulous art will be “discovered” and people will flock to us, the painful fact is that unless we make the effort to market ourselves and our art, nothing is likely to happen beyond a few sales to our nearest and dearest. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

It used to be that getting wall space in a good gallery was the ultimate goal of most regional artists. This one avenue is now mostly ineffective as privately owned galleries go out of business at an alarming rate. It is a business model with a fading effect. So don’t count on this to save you from doing your own art marketing.

We are now launching a series of articles here on about art marketing and the business of selling art, to help all of us get inspired and motivated to do something on our own behalf to launch our work into the world, and to keep doing something every month towards the goal of having an art business that sustains and nourishes us.

We want this series to be a collaboration between all of us, so if you have tried things that work and want to share them, please contact us with your experiences so we can all benefit.

For today, we want to start thinking about the upcoming year and get an outline down on paper or in your computer. Opportunities to show our work are plentiful and most of them require advanced planning for submission of work, jurying and then the actually hanging of the show.

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Take out a 12 month overview calendar – decide what shows you think you want to submit work to and then investigate the timeline for each of these events – write it down on your 12 month calendar. After all, if you have to have artwork photographed for show application submission, the time to do that is at least one month ahead of the application submission deadline date. Not 2 days before. This suggestion may sound simple, but hardly anyone does it!

I like to sit with my calendar (and a cup of tea or glass of wine) and cast my mind ahead to the next 12 months and write all my plans down on my calendar. In addition to my art shows I also think about any travel plans I have, or art workshops I want to take – I plug those into my calendar as well. This becomes a rough blueprint for my art life in the next year. Without this eagle’s eye view, I get hopelessly bogged down in the day to day responding to life. Art shows don’t happen – workshops don’t happen and even painting time begins to be eroded in the chaos of it all. You know what I mean – we all struggle with this all the time.

Take this one step now towards your marketing plan – you will be glad you did. You will feel empowered – I promise you!

More content on this subject will be coming on a regular basis.

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