Art Studio Space – Big, small or in between? Does it matter?

The question of how big an art studio we need keeps coming up. After a visit to other artists’ wonderful new purpose-built studios, I find myself coming down with a case of “studio envy”. But then it dissipates and I realize it’s nothing more than another distraction to the actual creative work.

Sharing Space with the Cat, the Office and Guests

My art studio space is fine and perfectly adequate. My studio shares space with my office and my sewing machine set-up. The cat’s food and water have a corner. A six foot portable table gets set up there for my silk painting projects which tend to be cyclical. At other times this table is used to prepare my own painting panels or frame paintings for show or sale. My studio is a flexible space. The occasional overnight guest will sleep there on an air mattress on the tile floor.

Seeing beautiful and perfect studios is nice but we realize that such a set up isn’t necessary to create art. In fact, feeling the pressure to produce and “be fabulous” to match the space, could very well put us off altogether. The dreaded Artists’ Block!

As artists, we derive our inspiration from many different places and things. As plein air artists we primarily draw inspiration from Nature and painting outdoors. Our art studio space is not where we spend most of our time. Our studios are places for storing our gear and finished paintings in between expeditions. A staging ground and place of preparation.

Studio Painting Space

When bad weather forces us indoors, our studio paintings take shape in a small corner of the studio space. Whether your painting space is tiny or large, it should make no difference. Don’t let the “someday” of a dedicated studio stop us from creating anywhere and in any space. Whatever place we occupy, keeping it somewhat organized is helpful. Recycling old scrappy paintings helps – see our article about how to do that right here.

What does your studio look like? Is your space unique and quirky? Share it with all of here – include your photos and story.

The main thing is that we get out and paint. The studio complication is just a distraction to the essence of what we do as artists. Less is more – in possessions and art design. Honing things to their essence – cut down on the clutter and busyness. Life and art follow the same track – we know this to be true.

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