Artistic Inspiration - Its the Process, Not the Product

In the process of creating art, we receive artistic inspiration by trusting the process itself.

This art making process is usually invisible to the audience that ultimately ends up viewing our art product in a gallery or on-line.

It can be intimidating and counter-productive to artistic inspiration, to think that we have to produce a beautiful and meaningful work of art each time we set out on our art-making journey.

If we let it, performance anxiety can steal the childlike joy we usually get from creating.

Judging our own art product as we are creating it is necessary to a certain extent.

It helps us decide what needs to happen next in the painting process.

Putting pressure on ourselves to produce a certain desired outcome however is not the way to go.

This allows the dreaded Inner Critic to overrule our hearts and kills our joyful experience.

Artistic Inspiration

Avoiding Performance Anxiety

The best way to avoid “performance anxiety” while creating is to focus solely on the art making process itself, rather than on what the product is liable to be.

Enjoy the act of composing the painting.

See how the elegant lines connect and direct the eye.

Feel the movement of each brush stroke, the texture of the surface, the sound of the light wind in the trees, the birdsong carried on the morning air.

Breath deeply and relax into the process.

This is why we paint.

The single minded focus that is required frees us from the daily issues and demands we all carry with us.

Momentarily free, we can soar – our wings spread wide to catch the inspiration of each moment.

Our minds open to follow along when we see a “happy accident” of serendipity on our canvas that we had not consciously planned on.

It is good, we decide, and then build upon it to our delight.

No Striving or Trying Hard

As we focus on this Process, the end Product will take care of itself.

No striving or trying hard to get somewhere.

This is what artistic inspiration is about.

We realize we have arrived, and it was effortless.

This is the joy that our art process gives us.

As Plein Air Painters, our Manta is “Process, Not Product”.

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