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Article by: Murray Wagnon - California Artist

Why should I bring a Work of Art home?

When you see a work of art that you like, one that feels good to you, it is because that work of art strikes a chord that resonates with your own set of unique experiences.

This alone would be reason enough for you to bring that piece home, but another very special reason to bring home that piece is that it is a living breathing extension of the creative experience . . . the very embodiment of the act of its creation.

There is something quite special about having original artwork in your home. Artworks are the representation of the highest achievements of human culture. As such, they are a talisman of human achievement that you can view in your home, on a daily basis.

Collecting Art  

The history of Art is full of Masters, who are widely acknowledged for their superior achievements. Very few of us, however, can afford to have their original works in our homes. There are, however, millions of contemporary artists whose original works we can afford to have. Some of them are famous now, some may be famous someday, most may never be famous, but they all have one thing in common with great masters, they are involved in synthesizing the human condition through the filter of their own unique set of experiences.

There are two types of collectors, those who collect for financial value, and those who collect to enhance the emotional and aesthetic value of daily life in their own homes. The history of art has shown us that collecting works of the popular or expensive artists of their times is a gamble at best. The art of the 1860’s that became valuable and sought after in the next century, was worth very little in their own times. The artworks that were extremely popular in the 1860’s have lost their luster in this era. The works of the Abstract Expressionists were, at first, laughed at by the critics and the public alike, and were purchased by those collectors who felt drawn to them on an emotional rather than a financial basis.

In light of these uncertain factors, the only true value one can be certain of in a work of art is the value of the feeling of personal wellbeing you have when living with works of art that speak to that unique set of experiences which define you.

Support the Arts . . .

For Your Own Well Being.

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