Plein Air Painting
More than a Hobby, it's a Lifestyle

Welcome to our plein air painting resource website. You have arrived at a warm and inviting place where you are joined by friends who share your passion for plein air. An inclusive community where all are equal.

We are a valuable resource for all plein air painters, whether beginner or experienced.  Subscribing to our PLEIN AIR MUSINGS newsletter (at right) will get you regular updates on all things related to plein air painting. 

In addition to covering the basics of the equipment, we will help each other find inspiration and our Muse, as well as help with marketing your art business. Our goal is to get out there painting in Nature as often as possible, with a feeling of joy and confidence. The Techniques section will share knowledge gained over many years of workshop attendance and personal experience.

Negative Inner Critic beware! You are not welcome here.

Plein air painting site locations in all 50 States will provide you with valuable information on "Top Painting Sites" along with artist notes of interest from each site - what time of day is best for painting at that particular location, are there bathrooms, etc.

Having spent a lot of time trying to find suitable painting sites when traveling to new places, we decided that other painters would find our Painting Sites section of this website useful - saving valuable painting time! site visitors are invited to participate in building this library of valuable "on the ground intelligence" by providing their site suggestions, photos of their paintings from that site, stories and comments.

Join our on-line Monthly Painting Challenge so that we can share our mutual growth as artists.

Traveling and painting is covered including tips for how to pack, what to do about wet painting panels. Reader suggestions are welcome - please share what has worked for you in the past.

Unique Plein Air Painting Workshops as well as Plein Air Events are featured. As a services to the plein air community, you may list your own Workshop or Event for free on this site.

Are you a complete Beginner at Plein Air Painting?

Don't worry, this site will give you with the tools and resources to move you from complete Beginner status, to feeling comfortable in your skin with your new role as Plein Air Artist. We have a special section just for you. You have started on an exciting and life affirming journey by joining the ranks of landscape painters everywhere. An instant family!

Are You A Studio Painter Who Would Like to Paint “ en Plein Air”?

This site is for you too, as our resources and How To Guides work for experienced painters as well.

Painting in your comfortable studio with its' controlled environment is completely different than being out doors.

A lot of your tools are different for one thing. Then there's the issue of the 360 degree view as possible subject matter.

The constantly changing light, bugs, people passing by and “visiting” your easel at will. It can be unnerving and stressful.

We will offer you insights into how to cope, and shared experiences with other painters going through the same thing will give you a feeling of community and a renewed determination to master “the plein air thing”. And once you do, you will be so happy that you took the time to try it.

It is truly a treasure trove of inspiration and possibility. Plein Air paintings can then be used as a jumping off point for the creation of much larger and more intricate studio paintings.

Above all, we want to share how the very process of watching the moment by moment unfolding of light upon the landscape can teach us a greater appreciation of all aspects of our lives.

This website is a living and growing endeavor - please suggest any improvements or additional sections you would like to see.

Plein Air Painting, More than a hobby, it's a lifestyle

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