Inspiration Muse - Honoring Your Muse and Making Time for Art

If you are like most of us, the daily happenings at work and at home seem to take all our time and energy, leaving us with very little left to get creative juices flowing.

This page is intended as a jumping off point to get inspiration when you need it, to clear some time to work on your creative projects, be it art, sewing, crafts, writing, pottery, weaving or any number of different projects that feed your soul.

This is also a forum for you to contribute your own ideas of what works for you when struck down by creative blocks or the blahs. Seeing what works for others to blast thru dead wood and arrive at fresh green shoots of inspiration, is really fun and may even work for you as well.

I'll go first with what works for me.

I have arrived at the conclusion that my art time, particularly that time spent out in nature and plein air painting, is the one part of my life where I can achieve complete peace and harmony with the world.

The complete focus and single mindedness necessary to do this kind of painting allows me to forget everything else.

All the client phone calls, emails and fast pace of my life drop away and I feel a calm blanket of joy slowly descending over me as I prepare my equipment and get ready to paint.

This is priceless and much better than any therapist.

So first of all, I remember that feeling I get when I paint.

I realize that it is a gift I can give myself to engage in this activity on a regular basis.

So I schedule it in writing in my weekly planner. Just as much to be honored as any business or other appointment.

This is an appointment with my Muse after all. Not to be denied. Not to be blown off for something else that may come up.

So make it a standing appointment with Yourself for creative time. Your Muse will then know you honor her enough to put in an appearance from time to time.

What about being in the right mood?

Being in the right mood isn't necessary.  In fact, part of the magic of showing up for our creative appointment is that no matter our mood, once we start our process our mood will lighten.  Doing our creative work through all moods and seasons brings greater depth and diversity to our work.  Not all days are sunny after all.  It builds our character as artists to show up no matter what.  We do the work anyway. 

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