Plein Air Easel Review -  Strada Easel

This is a review of a new plein air easel , the Strada.  The Strada easel was designed by a plein air painter and is one of the most elegant, functional and lightweight outdoor easels out there.  It is very similar in concept to the Open Box M but with different and more expansive panel holding capabilities. It is made of metal not wood. The Easel is made in America.  The Strada clips onto a tripod similar to others out there except that the recommended tripod (Manfrotto 190L)  gives really good stability in the wind and on the  uneven terrain we often encounter while out plein air painting.   Here is a photo of the easel  set up outdoors for painting:

Thanks to Coraly Hanson and Maureen Serafini for sharing their experiences with the Strada.  Both artists are overwhelmingly positive about  their new easels and enjoy painting with them.  They report that the versatile nature of this easel makes it great to work with and very stable in the wind.   Also, there is a lot of space for color mixing what with the extra “wings” that attach to each side of the main box.  These side trays can be purchased for $25.00 each.   Maureen adds "the heavy plastic tray makes cleanup a snap (even if you forget to clean up for a couple of days, that wouldn't be me:) )"


Here are some technical specifics about the Strada Easel:

Price - $299.00 for the basic set up – Side trays are $25.00 each and measure 7.5” x 10.5” (we recommend getting 2 of these side trays) – they give so much extra space for paint, brushes or even mixing paint. 

Size:  11” x 14” recessed palette – plenty of room to mix paint.

Weight: Weights just  4 lbs and 1.5” thick – slips easily into your pack

Aluminum body is strong and durable

The Strada Easel Company reports that additional size selections will soon be available.

For more in depth information about the Strada easel, go to:


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