Plein Air Painting Benefits

Plein air painting benefits us in so many ways. It is very social, if you want it to be. It's a great way to meet new people. Artists seem to have a universal bond that transcends most normal relationship barriers. It throws together people of all ages, income and social status and has a unique leveling effect.

The plein air painting group offers a regular get together of artists in beautiful settings. Everyone is doing what they love. What could be more enjoyable and relaxing? Not much!

Committing to meet others in our group to attend a plein air painting outing, we are more likely to actually go out and do it. This will be a great benefit in so many ways - practicing our art and getting lots of starts is what it is all about. Doing many paintings is what makes us better artists.

Regular Meetings and More Painting Time

The plein air painting group I belong to meets weekly to paint outdoors. We take road trips with other members, travel to workshops, have a Summer BBQ and end of the year party. We also find and share art show opportunities and do a group show from time to time. We even help each other with technology issues. All of this is excellent for our brains.

Plein Air Painting benefits our physical as well as mental health. Carrying our painting equipment and standing at our easels for hours gives us physical exercise we may not get otherwise. Figuring out how to find painting locations in new places, composing our paintings and then mixing all the different colors needed is quite a mental workout and keeps us sharp.

All of this group activity has resulted in a number of good friendships that go beyond our common thread of art. It's a community building effort that seems to happen organically and is beneficial to all.

Most artists who paint in their studios are solitary. If you want to get in some social time, try some plein air painting with a group in your area.

Check our list of plein air groups in various States. We keep adding to it as we discover new groups. A growing resource to help get you connected.

We believe that plein air painting is more than a hobby - it's a lifestyle!

Paint, Socialize, Travel - Enjoy your Life!

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