Checklist for Plein Air Painting - For Oil Medium

Equipment List for Print Out

Arriving at your plein air painting site only to find you have left some important piece of your painting kit/equipment behind can really slow you down or stop you from painting altogether.

These lists are for Beginning Painters as well as Experienced Painters. Use these handy checklists as a starting place and then add to them according your own needs.

Happy Painting.


* Pochade Box containing your palette

* Tripod for your palette

* Mineral Spirit Container for cleaning brushes

* Small clip-on container for painting medium

* Oil Paints

* Painting panels/canvas

* Brushes and palette knives – Storage tube for same

* Wet Canvas Carrier Box (or a clean pizza box will do)

* View Finder - Small Sketchbook - Pencil

* Paper Towels - Handiwipes

* Plastic Bag for your trash

* Thin Latex gloves to protect your hands

* Sunscreen - Bug Repellent

* A big Sun Hat - An old windbreaker

* Drinking Water - Snacks/lunch

* A Swiss Army Knife or small tool knife - A whistle, compass combo - Digital Camera

Plein Air Painting Checklist for Watercolor

Checklist for Pastels

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