In Plein Air Painting , Our Muse is.... Nature

Definition: Muse - The Source of an artist's inspiration. From Greek mythology - One of the nine daughters of the god Zeus -She presided over the creative arts.

In plein air painting, our Muse or source of inspiration is... Nature.

Ever changing, constantly fascinating and surprising, Nature will present us with images, ideas and inspiration for our creative work.

Regularly spending time outdoors in observation of the natural world will also restock the well of our imaginations.

Check out our

Painting Sites in other States/Canada or Worldwide for ideas of where to go out plein air painting on your next trip or in your own State or Country.

As this website grows, more and more ideas will be posted regularly of new places to go, things to try out.

Bookmark us for future reference - and add your own suggestions and ideas. We are creating a community of like-minded artists here.

Works of Inspiration that are Singular to You Alone

We all have the potential to be inspired by, and inspiring to others. We create a circle of receiving and giving that is deeply nourishing to our souls and our growth as artists.

Regular cultivation of our artistic garden will produce works of inspiration that are singular to you alone.

Your unique way of seeing the world will always be fresh and original.

Even if the subject matter itself has been accessed millions of times - your particular way of expressing it will be like no other.

Look at 10 different landscape paintings of a scene - every single one of the artists, from beginner to pro., will produce a totally different and original expression. It is fascinating and inspirational to see.

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