Plein Air Painting Sites in All 50 U.S. States

Spending hours searching for suitable plein air painting sites can be a frustrating experience - and a waste of your valuable travel and painting time. Give yourself a head start by checking out our recommended painting sites at your destination.

The plein air painting sites listed here have been visited and researched by us personally or have been recommended by other plein air painters and groups. Local people know the secrets of these places best.

In addition to places of great natural beauty, the sites listed will have information about the facilities available – such as bathrooms, places to eat, is it safe to paint alone there etc.

***In order to keep growing our shared resource of great painting spots, Please Contact Us to share your best painting spots in your State. Your name, photo of artwork (if desired) and a link to your site will be given to thank you for contributing.***

Seasonal Sites Some places are at their best in Fall, others in other seasons. Where applicable, we will make note of seasonal sites.

USA and Canada Sites

Currently we have USA painting sites listed here. Canadian site recommendations will be coming soon. Research is currently underway to provide this information.

International Sites If you live in a country with wonderful plein air painting locations, please Contact Us with your recommendations. Include a photo of a painting done at one of your special sites. We will create a page for your recommendations. Sharing our experience with others is what this website is all about.

Plein Air Painting Groups - We are currently compiling a comprehensive list of plein air painting groups in all 50 States.

Check our current list of groups.
On a recent trip to Maine, I was able to connect with plein air painters there and joined them for several painting outings. No need to paint alone if you prefer company. The universal connection we have with other landscape painters is amazing and delightful.

So get out your travel gear, and let the plein air painting fun begin!

Arizona Painting Sites
Northern California Sites
Lake Tahoe and Sierras - California Sites
Marin County, California Sites
Sonoma Wine Country, California Sites
Southern California Sites
Florida Plein Air Sites
Hawaii Sites
Idaho Sites

Maine Sites
Massachusetts Painting Sites
Montana Sites
Nevada Sites
New Mexico Sites
New York Sites 
North Dakota Sites
Oregon Sites
South Dakota Painting Sites
Utah Painting Site Locations
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