Arriving at your plein air painting spot only to find you have left some important piece of your painting kit/equipment behind can really slow you down or stop you from painting altogether.

This list is for Beginning Painters as well as Experienced Painters. Use the handy checklist as a starting place and then add to it according your own needs.

Every artist is different and we all have a special little things we consider essential for a happy plein air painting expedition.

Some people like to bring their music along - others prefer just to listen to the sounds of birds and wind.

Print Out This Check List Before You Go Out Painting

* Traveling Easel set up or Pochard Box

* small folding stool (if you want)

* Water and Spray Bottle with Water to slow down drying time

* Watercolor Paint - Clean Palette - Brushes - sponges

* Water Color Paper cut in your preferred sizes

* Small Sketch Book - Pencil

* Tape - Painting Board to attach your paper to

* Digital Camera

* Handiwipes - Sunscreen - Bug Repellent

* Bag for Trash

* A big Sun Hat - Old Windbreaker

* Drinking Water - Snacks/lunch

* A Swiss Army Knife - A whistle, compass combo

Plein Air Equipment

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