Pochade Boxes - Review of Open Box M Pochade System

Open Box M is a Pochade Box painting system with clear differences from other Pochade Boxes. The Open Box M system of Pochade Box consists of 3 separate units that can be used individually or together.

The backbone of the system is the the Palette and Panel Holder unit. This unit consists of a hinged palette for paint mixing (used horizontally) and the painting panel holder.

This clips onto a Bogan tripod that allows for quick and easy set up and tear down.

The palette/panel holder can be placing into a back pack if you are going to be hiking a distance to get to your painting location.

The second piece of the Open Box M system is the wet panel carrier which will hold up to 4 wet panels - this unit is adjustable for different size panels.

It can be stored in the lid of the Pochade Box carrying case or can be stored in a separate zippered soft carrying case independent from the Pochade Box case itself.

The third piece of this system is the outer carrying case which can be purchased in Walnut wood or a hard shell Pelican case (like a Samonsite suitecase material).

The Palette piece and the wet panel carrier are both stored in the carrying case. There are 3 storage areas in the case for storing your paint brushes and tubes of paint.

The above photo shows the component parts of the Open Box M

The next photo shows the Palette/Panel Holder loaded with paint and attached to the tripod. Extra "wings" can be purchased to expand your painting set-up area.

Artist Review of Open Box M

I have used the Open Box M for over 15 years now and it is the best system I have yet found. I tried 3 different systems prior to Open Box M.

I love the versatility of the components - they can be used together or separately depending on the situation.

The palette/panel holder can expand to hold quite large panels and is very sturdy. The Panel holder allows for tiny panels as well which I like to paint at the end of a plein air painting session to use up some of my paint piles.

The set up is sturdy in the wind. I purchased the apron for the tripod and put rocks in there to anchor the unit if the wind is a problem. No more easels "taking flight" in a gust.

This system is great if you are a committed plein air painter and want something that will last through extensive painting use.

Not the cheapest.

The Cost - $460.00 for the Pochade Box (average) this price is for the 11 x 14 box which is a good medium sized box.

The Bogan Tripod costs about $272.00 - maybe you can find it cheaper by purchasing it separately.

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