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One of the most difficult and annoying problems faced by traveling plein air painters is the problem of how to safely and easily get their prized wet oil paintings back home in one piece, without smearing oil paint everywhere.

Many different solutions to this problem have been tried. On this page we will review the most commonly available types of wet canvas/panel carriers so that you can get a sense of what you have to choose from all in one place. You can then decide what may work best for you. 

We are showing 2 different wet panel/canvas carriers from two different companies for your information. These carriers are durable, a good value and allow one to carry a good quantity of painting panels. When on a long painting trip, this is essential.

The two carriers reviewed here are both Made in America.

Please visit each company's website for full details and up-to-date pricing on each unit.

EzPort by Wind River Arts

Wind River Arts ezPort is a compact size, light-weight transportation box for wet panels. It's designed to the maximum loading capacity and versatility. ezPort is a good wet panel carrier to travel with or for attending workshops across the country. It can be easily carried both on one's shoulder or packed into luggage.

Weight: 3 lbs. 10 ozs. Includes all dividers

Flexible to various panel sizes up to 10"X12"

Max capacity: 20 panels (depending on configuration)

Price : $69.00 (according to windriverarts.com website)

Photos show various possible configurations of this box.

PanelPak - Lightweight and Versatile - Handcrafted in USA

The lightweight, frame-style wooden carrier is elegant and simple. It allows you to place two wet panels face to face with the wooden frame creating a secure and safe spacing between paintings. Secure the pack with large rubber bands that are provided with the product.

I love this product as it allows one to paint and carry a variety of sizes of panels. Very lightweight. Custom sizes also available from the manufacturer.

Pricing is from $17 to $22 depending on the size you want. Custom sizes available for $30.00.

For more information go to: PanelPak.com
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